Don't worry: DJ Quik isn't going anywhere

October 31, 2013Comments138 Views
Don't worry: DJ Quik isn't going anywhere

After DJ Quik got fed up with the music industry, he tweeted a statement that had his audience in shock:

"It's official. I'm selling all my equipment. Furthermore, I will not remix or engineer for anyone from this day forward. Thanks true Fans," he wrote.

The Compton rapper's announcement would definitely have an impact on the Los Angeles hip hop scene, as XXL magazine noted that he's been a strong influence in this realm since the release of his first album "Quik Is The Name."

Fans breathed a sigh of relief, though, when he recently clarified his Tweet. According to Complex magazine, Quik was frustrated with some of the financial confines in the music industry that lead to a smaller paycheck than he feels he deserves. However, he will not be giving up - he admitted he's willing to produce "real projects" for performers who have an established reputation and studio budget.

It's been several years since his critically-acclaimed LP "The Book of David," but Quik has been known to take some time off between albums.

Are you hoping he has one in the works?

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October 31, 2013Comments138 Views