Donwill’s Love Lessons Learned

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By Souleo. Sometimes it's hard for a man to own up to his mistakes and emotions especially when it comes to love.  Such a man is not hip-hop artist, Donwill.  As one-third of hip-hop group, Tanya Morgan he is stepping out on his own with the revealing album, Don Cusack in High Fidelity.  The release is an ode to Donwill's favorite film, High Fidelity and finds him portraying John Cusack's character, Rob Gordon, as he shares his musical reflections on falling in love, fearing commitment and learning life lessons.  Donwill reflected with JimmyJazz.com about his most important love lessons learned and the stories behind them including dating his friend's ex, why he couldn't make love work with a Christian girl and more.


Lesson Learned #1:  Speak Up

There was a chick that I wanted to talk to but I played the nice friendly guy and she didn't know how to read that.  So she let somebody else holla at her.  A year passed and she came to my graduation and asked why we never got together.  I'm sitting there feeling silly.  At that point we both had our situations and there was no need to tread that.  It's like if you're hungry you gonna make a hamburger and not wait for the food to cook itself so you have to speak up to get what you want.


Lesson Learned #2:  Be Upfront

There was a chick who I happened to end up talking to who dated my dude.  She came onto me more than anything.  So I let him know that his homegirl was really trying to stake claim and go in.  I asked him what should I do and let him know that I didn't want to violate.  He said that it wasn't that deep and to go ahead.  The girl and I talked and it didn't turn into anything except us being cool.  Sometimes you can't help who you like so if you're in a situation make that phone call and be upfront with your friend.  Relationships come and go and your friends will be there so keep it right with your people.


Lesson Learned #3:  Don't Force It

I dated a super Christian girl and we tried our hardest to be a couple.  She wasn't into the things I was into and it was a mismatch.  Not everybody is supposed to be your girl.  Just 'cause you're super cool doesn't mean you're supposed to be f****** or in a relationship.  So never force love; let it find you.



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April 28, 2010NewsComments