Dr. Dre amps up the USC football team

November 21, 2013Comments191 Views
Dr. Dre amps up the USC football team

Dr. Dre is no doubt one of the most iconic rapper-producers of our time, but you might not have pegged him as an inspirational speaker.

Still, the rapper recently gave the football team at the University of Southern California a pep talk before their big game against the Stanford Cardinals. While Dre is not a USC alum, he became something of an honorary Trojan after he contributed a whopping $70 million to the campus along with Interscope Records CEO Jimmy Iovine. Along with his donation, he took on the responsibility of speaking at the school's graduation, as well as appearing at football games.

His speech was not overly poignant or wordy - he kept things simple by stressing that he was a longtime fan and wishing them the best of luck. Dre is actually a Los Angeles native, and was raised only a few miles away from the Compton USC campus.

Did his words inspire? Well, the Trojans managed to beat their rival with a winning goal just seconds before the game ended.

Who would you choose to give a pep talk before your big game?

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November 21, 2013Comments191 Views