Drake dishes on new album

February 14, 2013NewsComments439 Views
Drake dishes on new album

Rapper Drake had a big night at the recent Grammys - he walked away with one of the most prestigious honors - Best Rap Album of the year. However, fame hasn't gone to the young artist's head - he admitted he's working on a new album, and even spilled the beans on the title. 

Drake announced his upcoming project during an interview with Ryan Seacrest for E! Entertainment. Drake told Seacrest his third studio album will be titled "Nothing Was the Same." The news comes just one week after the MC dropped the first track for the CD, "Started From the Bottom." 

In terms of his new sound, the rapper told Seacrest he writes music based on how he's feeling in the moment. He basically puts his emotions on paper and figures out which tracks work. 

"I think music, it's a process that we all go through," Drake said, according to the news network. "It's an evolution. You're constantly figuring out what works for you. I think [on] 'Take Care' I really found myself and found my stride."

Fellow artist Wiz Khalifa already gave his stamp of approval on Drake's newest single. In fact, Khalifa added his own spin to "Started From the Bottom," just days after Drake released it. BET reports Khalifa wrote in a statement to fans that he "thinks it [the song] speaks to all of us so I put my verse on it before everyone else does."

Do you think Drake deserved the award for Best Rap Album? Are you excited about his new album?

February 14, 2013NewsComments439 Views