Drake goes down South for 'Worst Behavior' video

November 15, 2013Comments301 Views
Drake goes down South for 'Worst Behavior' video

Of course, Drake's loyalty lies with his hometown of Toronto - but he also has close ties to the South. In fact, the rapper spent a lot of his summers visiting extended family in Memphis, Tenn.

So it makes sense that he would return there to shoot his latest music video for "Worst Behavior." Still, it wasn't easy facing that part of his past.

"My family is like two different worlds and I feel like people only acknowledge one half of it," Drake told Vibe in a recent interview. "It's always going to be tough. It was tough during the video. You want to see everybody do well ... Instead of running from it, I just embraced it and shot this incredible, beautiful video with my beautiful family and helped out as many people as I could while I was there. Now I can't wait to go back."

What can you expect from the video? For one, you'll see Drake's own father and a few of his uncles in ultra​-fresh suits, along with Three 6 Mafia vet Juicy J and a bevy of pink Cadillacs. As for Drizzy, he's sporting a a custom-made jersey, a red snapback and a pair of Air Force 1s.

Are you happy to see Drizzy repping Memphis?

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November 15, 2013Comments301 Views