Drake teams up with his dad

November 6, 2013Comments242 Views
Drake teams up with his dad

Drake has teamed up with a multitude of impressive artists thus far in his career, but his most recent collaboration isn't with a major hip hop star - it's with his dad.

XXL magazine reported that Drake's dad, Dennis Graham, was slated to be featured on a bonus track on "Nothing Was The Same." However, the song, called "Heat of The Moment," apparently didn't make the cut. So the father-son duo returned to the studio to try again. Drake said that Graham, who was at one point the drummer for Jerry Lee Lewis, has "rediscovered his passion for music."

The Canadian rapper may have his father to thank for his passion, too. According to Rap-Up, Graham taught him to play the piano when he was a kid.

There's no word yet on when we'll get a listen of their track together.

Were you disappointed that "Heat of the Moment" was missing on NWTS?

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November 6, 2013Comments242 Views