Drake wants money for YOLO phrase

December 28, 2012NewsComments404 Views
Drake wants money for YOLO phrase

Canadian rapper Drake coined one of the most popular phrases in 2012 - YOLO (you only live once). The phrase spread like wildfire, but now the artist isn't so pleased about copycats. BET reports Drake has taken to his Instagram account to call out different businesses for using the term he believes is his.

In his first snapshot, Drake calls out Walgreens for marketing hats in their store that have the "YOLO" acronym on them. The second photo is taken at a big name department store and features shirts on display that have "YOLO" written on the front.

"Walgreens.… you gotta either chill or cut the cheque [sic]."

Billboard Magazine reports Drake may have not invented the phrase, but he certainly made it popular. He first mentioned YOLO in November of 2011 when he announced he'd be releasing a mixtape with Rick Ross. The acronym then came up again when he released the "Take Care" bonus track called "The Motto," in which he discusses YOLO being his.

"You only live once that's the motto [expletive] YOLO," Drake raps on the track.

Do you think Drake will get royalties from these companies? Do you think he really came up with YOLO?

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December 28, 2012NewsComments404 Views