The-Dream Brings “Love vs. Money”

April 2, 2009NewsComments

The-Dream sings money can’t solve [a relationship] when love is a problem, in his latest sophomore album “Love vs. Money.”  

It makes since why the first track Money Intro makes the sound of dollars bills being produced.  Mr. Radio Killa himself is a money making hit machine—he can’t stop.   His two singles Rockin’ That Sh** and My Love featuring singing songbird Mariah Carey have already blown up Hip-hop, R&B, and Pop radio stations.

The singer-songwriter, and producer theme is centered on the track Love vs. Money, which focuses on a troubled relationship with a girl that the singer loses because another man displays more affection.  The singer is at a lost when she seemed happy with the money given to her.  The saga continues with Part 2, when The-Dream is confused because first she wants money, then asks for love and receives love but ask for more money. 

The album has musical influences of R.Kelly which is inspired by the track “Kelly’s 12 Play.”  In between his latest singles, you will hear the up tempo 3rd track “Walkin’ On The Moon,” featuring Kanye West.  Martin Louis The King, Jr. rap session fits perfectly with Dreams vocals.      

Favorite tracks include Sweat It Out, Take U Home 2 My Mama, Fancy and Right Side Of My Brain.  The Bonus track, “Let Me See The Booty,” featuring hype man Lil’ Jon, you can find only on the album version. 

Money is comfortable but does not include happiness.  Money alone can’t match real love.  If your lover is a heart-breaker, it is best to leave them alone.

“Love vs. Money” is a purchase you will love to hear over and over again.  In stores now.        


Love vs. Money

April 2, 2009NewsComments