The-Dream Declares Final Album

July 28, 2009NewsComments511 Views

This is not a dream folks! The-Dream’s third album “Love King,” will be his last. He announced his retirement last week for making his own music via Twitter:

“I am engaged and ‘Love King’ IS going to be my last album,”  It is going to be last because everybody is trying to “KILL THE DREAM!” I will still be producing, writing, and featuring on other artists album though.”

I respect the man for focusing more time his fiancée, Christina Milian. You’ve seen them coupled up in numerous pictures and the late Vibe Magazine’s final issue. The duo attempted to re-act Janet Jackson’s infamous Rolling Stone cover but failed tremendously. 


(Pictured below): The-Dream & Christina Milian failed reenactment of Janet Jackson's September 1993 Rolling Stone magazine cover for Vibe magazine's final issue.



(Pictured below): Janet Jackson's original September 1993 Rolling Stone magazine cover. Hands provided by her ex-hubby René Elizondo, Jr.



We’ve heard the full retirement story before. Jay-Z is famous for that. Lupe Fiasco and Sean “Diddy” Combs used that card as well. All three are coming out with their own projects. Maybe this is The-Dream’s way to produce more album sales.    

By. Jonathan White

July 28, 2009NewsComments511 Views