E-40: Hair Lockdown

May 3, 2010NewsComments249 Views

By Souleo. E-40, the Bay Area's number one representative has had the hip-hop game on lock for two decades.  Yet, it was only over the past few years that he actually locked his hair and then made news when he decided to chop it all off.  Now with his new albums, Revenue Retrievin': Day Shift and Revenue Retrievin': Night Shift out he is revealing the reasons behind the creation and self-destruction of his locks.


For E-40 getting locks was a simple act of keeping his word, albeit unintentionally setting himself up for the commitment.


"In 'Tell Me When to Go,' I put in my rap 'cause I'm a narrator 'I ain't got none/But I plan on growing some.'  It raised eyebrows and I did it just to trip people out and it's a trip," he revealed.


The joke was apparently on E-40 as he had a hard time adjusting to his new look.


" s*** got so long.  One day I'm looking out the corner of my eye and you know how you feel something looking at you, well it wasn't nothing but my f****** hair.  So I got tired of it.  I was like I'm gonna take it all the way back to when I came in the game with a fresh baldhead.  I asked wifey and she was down regardless so I cut 'em off."


It seems as if E-40 doesn't miss the locks one bit and embraces his new look wholeheartedly thanks to its youth appeal.


"It was refreshing when I cut it.  People say that I'm aging backwards and drinking out the fountain of youth.  It took some years off of me and will make anybody look younger," he said.



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May 3, 2010NewsComments249 Views