E4EA’s 2nd Annual “I Will Graduate Day”

October 27, 2010Comments

By Souleo The back-to-school hype has come and gone but at yesterday's Entertainers 4 Education Alliance's "I WILL GRADUATE DAY" the focus was not on just going back to school, but staying in school. In New York City at the Tribeca Performing Arts Theatre celebrities such as Donnie Klang, Shontelle, Tiffany Evans and more gathered to address school dropout prevention and deliver a call to action for students, parents, and the entire community to increase educational achievement in our youth. JimmyJazz.com hit the books to find out each celebrity's favorite and least favorite school memories and their school fashion disasters. Read on to see how Donnie's school coach inspired him to make it through Diddy's "Making Da Band," Mickey Factz's disappointment with dropping out of college, Shontelle's prom disaster and more.

On their favorite school memories:

Donnie Klang:

I had a really good basketball coach. At the time, I didn't like him because he benched me a lot. Then in senior year I started realizing he was teaching us more than just a game of basketball. We would learn about life. I was learning about applying myself to something that I believed in. So once "Making Da Band," came around I was thinking about that coach a lot because Diddy never shows you that he's impressed and that's the way my coach was. So I kind of felt prepared for those situations because of that.


On their school fashion disasters:

Mickey Factz:

When it came to school you had to be fly and if you wasn't fly, then it was like something was wrong with your whole character. My main objective was to be fly so when I was in school I used to throw on the Coogi and things like that. Now that I'm older you realize clothes don't make the man; the man makes the clothing.

Donnie Klang:


My fashion disaster was probably my whole wardrobe going through high school. I was a big loser back then. I used to wear these big, big really big baggy sweat pants that kind of looked like jeans. They were so comfortable but looking back at pictures they're pretty nasty looking.



My biggest fashion disaster was my prom. It was not it, my hair was not it, my dress was not it, and my shoes I took them off because they were so painful. That was the worst ever, but I still had fun.


On their least favorite school memories:



My worst memories at school was when I would see groups of kids by themselves. I was always that person that would walk up to the person that's alone. I hung out with every body. My worst moments would be when I saw kids getting bullied or teased in any way. I hated that.


Tiffany Evans:

Getting my lunch food taken.

Kamie Crawford, Miss Teen USA:

I moved to Scarsdale, NY, and I went to high school there for a year. It was the worst because people were mean and when the environment is negative it makes you feel like you can't succeed. But when I moved to another high school it was a lot better. I ended up succeeding way more than I thought I was going to be able to.

Mickey Factz:


My worst memory was leaving NYU to do hip-hop. I was in a criminal justice class, sitting in the front drinking a cappuccino with a triple shot of espresso and falling asleep. I woke up, said I can't do this anymore, got up and left. That was a very bad memory but it brought me here to educate and tell people to continue to go to school if that's what your passion is.


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October 27, 2010Comments