Eazy-E lives on through the eyes of his daughter

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Eazy-E lives on through the eyes of his daughter

The anniversary of Eazy-E's death due to complications from AIDS was March 26, and fans in both the hip hop world and the streets took a moment to honor the legendary MC. The date also sparked excitement about the documentary film E's daughter, recording artist E.B. Wright, is making to showcase the life and death of her famous father.

BET reports Wright is looking to reveal the issues surrounding his early death (he was 31) and how he was able to change the rap game during his short time on Earth.

"A lot of people don't know the truth behind his death," Wright told the news outlet. "There's definitely a story out there of how people think he died but a lot of it is a misconception, so I think it's time to tell the story of exactly what happened."

The documentary, "A Ruthless Scandal," is reportedly going to focus on Eazy-E's time prior to his death as told by his close friends and family. Wright is relying on the memories of such people because she was only 4 when her father passed. 

"I'm going to have interviews with everyone: his former [NWA] group members, business associates, friends, doctors, lawyers, court papers will all be in there," Wright told the publication. "Everything that was involved [in his death] is going to be a part of the documentary."

The young singer and filmmaker believes her father could have been a major player in the hip hop, fashion and entertainment industries had he lived to see his dreams come to life. She admitted she feels as if he'd be someone highly influential like Russell Simmons or Jay-Z because he was not only connected with the streets, he also had a mind for business.

According to HipHop DX, a six-minute trailer for the documentary was recently released and shows excerpts of people talking about Suge Knight's threats on Eazy-E's life, as well as certain reservations friends have about the way he died.

The documentary, reportedly set to drop in fall 2013, is being produced by Ruthless Records, the company Eazy-E helped launch prior to his death. The label is still in effect today and is run by Eazy's late-wife, Tomica Woods-Wright.

Would you be interested in seeing the Eazy-E documentary? What type of insight would you be looking to gain by viewing the film?

April 2, 2013NewsComments597 Views