Ed Lover’s Aha! Moments

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By Souleo. Legendary hip-hop personality, Ed Lover has been a mainstay on the scene for the past 20 years.  During that time he has served hip-hop to the masses from his start as a rapper with the group No Face, to co-hosting Yo! MTV Raps with cohort Doctor Dre, radio gigs with Hot 97 and now Power 105.1FM and his new web series, "C'Mon Son."  What the public knows and loves about Ed is his everyday man persona and ability to bring any A-list star down-to-earth.


But who exactly is the man behind the mic?  To help uncover some of the mystery, JimmyJazz.com went down memory lane with Ed to get his "aha" moments that changed his outlook on life.  Read on as Ed reflects on how his father's passing turned him into a man, what he learned from the deaths of Biggie and Tupac and why he's taking control of his money.


You gotta be a man about it


"My father died when I was 18 and I was at a key point where I could have went one way or the other.  Some use death as a crutch to get high and drink.  I used his passing to be successful and to be the man he was and wanted me to be.  So that was a big moment for me.  Plus, having my first child at 20 was big because I was trying to do my career and feed a mouth.  Those two experiences woke me up to be a man."

It's not all about the Benjamin's


"After Biggie and Pac passed away it showed me life is short and you can be on top one day and on the bottom the next.  So you have to grab the moment and don't worry about fame; just do the work.  It's about longevity and not money or fame.  It's about doing what you love to do everyday.  People will appreciate it and that's what it's all about."

Own it, don't rent it


"When you get to a certain point in your life you got to own something.  So I got tired of renting and I think renting is ridiculous now.  When you're renting it is money down the drain.  Own something before you buy the big car because it's yours and you're building equity."



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July 7, 2010NewsComments