Estelle wants more than just an American boy

June 25, 2012NewsComments
Estelle wants more than just an American boy

Many hip hop fans might assume crooner Estelle's only requirements in a man is that he's American, due to her anthem "American Boys" with Kanye West. However, the soulful singer recently told Essence Magazine her list of requirements goes much further than one's nationality, BET reports.

According to the news outlet, Estelle has a solid list of men she's into right now, including Laz Alonso and Lance Gross, though singer D'Angelo may be at the top.

"I love D'Angelo, I'm so happy he's coming back," Estelle told the news outlet, she then opened up about the first time she saw him in concert. "He takes off his clothing and he starts doing press ups on stage while singing, right over the speakers. I was like... speechless. It was a moment! Just watching him perform was like voodoo. You're in a trance."

Despite her admiration for D'Angelo's... assets, Estelle also admitted she looks for guys with good style, including a mix of hip hop clothes and high fashion, as well as a man with brains.

"I'm a sucker for a smart dude. Beauty is beauty. Pretty is pretty. Handsome is handsome. But, I like a dude with a brain. Like, I really do," Estelle told the publication. "I'm surrounded by pretty men, and along with that comes a sense of entitlement. Like, oh well, you should like me because I’m pretty. No. If I can't talk to you, and you do stupid things and make stupid comments, I don't care how pretty you are. It's all in the head - it's a whole thing. So, I get excited when I meet a smart dude."

Elle Magazine recently talked with the British singer about certain emotional songs she's written that revolve around past failed relationships. She opened up saying writing about tough situations helps her heal and grow.

"I dated, four different crazy guys in a row - special beings - in the space of four years," Estelle told the magazine. "I was just like, Come on! Something's gotta give! And then I started to think, like, is it me? You know, you fall into a pattern and you kind of have to break out of it and stop going for the guy who's needy, stop going for the guy who needs bringing up, stop going for the guy who’s broke - because that's the kind of man who's been around your life the whole time."

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June 25, 2012NewsComments