Exclusive Forecast: MLB Opening Day

March 27, 2014Comments
Exclusive Forecast: MLB Opening Day

In less than a week, baseball season will be in full swing. And while it's nearly impossible to make any long-term predictions for the 162-game season, there are a few things to look out for in the first week of action.

It's looking rough for the Phillies, as the team finished last season with 89 losses, their core lineup is clearly aging and they're starting off with six consecutive away games against the Rangers and the Cubs.

While the Houston Astros show some serious promise, they're facing the Yankees and the Angels in their opening week schedule, and they may not have the pitching talent to match. At least they have Scott Feldman on their side - but with Jeter up to bat, they still may not have a shot.

Things are looking up for Kansas City, especially considering third baseman Mike Moustakas' performance in spring training. Meanwhile, Cincinnati's Billy Hamilton also has high expectations to live up to for his first major league season - with a 0.410 on-base percentage and more walks than strikeouts, the shortstop could live up to the lofty predictions.

Meanwhile, this is Derek Jeter's final season and Yankee fans are counting on him to bounce back and close out his career with a bang after his disappointing 2013 performance.

The Boston Red Sox is returning with a World Series Championship, but without one important player. The loss of Jacoby Ellsbury could make the Sox vulnerable in their opening road game against the Orioles, but they still have a strong offense with Pedroia, Ortiz and Napoli in the lineup.

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What are you forecasting for the first week on the field?

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March 27, 2014Comments