Exclusive: Mishon Likes it Nice and Slow

January 19, 2010NewsComments156 Views

By Souleo.


Singer-songwriter and ABC’s “Lincoln Heights,” actor, Mishon may only be 16 but he already knows a thing or two about love.  On his forthcoming debut album, The Yearbook he sets out to school his listeners on the trials and tribulations of that innocent young thing called puppy love.

“As an artist I feel like it’s a responsibility to share some of the things I've learned.  I think a lot of these young kids out here make a mistake like going all the way and sometimes they regret it  That’s not a good thing.  So I’m trying to make sure that they don’t regret it.,” he said.

Mishon notes that peer pressure is one of the key reasons why so many teens fall in love quickly and engage in sex before they are really prepared for the act.

“I think nowadays in our world it’s a lot of peer pressure.  People see stuff and sometimes they feel forced to do stuff.  I'm just reminding them that if you really like somebody then you don’t have to go all the way.  You should really get to know somebody better,” he said.

To encourage his young fans not to have any regrets about their experiences Mishon sings innocent songs like “Just a Kiss,” which are a far cry from most of pop music’s “beat it up, smash it” songs.


Mishon - "Just A Kiss"


“In that song I was basically saying to all my fans out there that if you really like somebody, you don’t have to jump right into it.  You can just start with a kiss and take it from there,”  he said.

Like a true love guru, Mishon is learning to practice what he preaches.  After a few failed romances he is finally taking things slow and not rushing into the heat of puppy love only to get burned.

“Well the thing with me is that I fall real fast for girls.  So lately I been trying to take it slow.  If I really like this girl then we got to you know—you gotta let it marinate.  So yeah, I definitely like to take it slow,” he said.

While Mishon’s love life may be slow, there’s no question that his career is in the fast lane thanks to his talent and insight into love.

January 19, 2010NewsComments156 Views