Fall 2009 TV Preview!!!

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Aaaaaaahhhhh!!!! (Interpret that as the angelic sound they use in TV/Movies when someone finds what they are looking for...LOL) 

Well people, wait no longer.  It’s finally here; the new Fall TV season. So make sure there’s a fresh pair of batteries in the remote and check that there is adequate space on your DVR/TiVo. 

This season is slightly different from last season. Most of your favorites are returning but some aren’t. (There is a list provided of Cancelled Shows so that you may properly prepare yourselves to mourn your loss in your own way.) But mostly what you will notice is that a lot of your favorite shows have changed days (Fringe), time slots (One Tree Hill), and maybe even networks (Medium).

Some changes may have you calling your cable/satellite provider to request a second or third DVR/TiVo box. (Yes, SERIOUSLY)


And so without further delay here is your TvN3rD Fall TV Preview Week #1:




8pm: CW-90210- This will be the second season for the 90’s show re-make. The show did perform better than expected. Let’s see if season two can compete. Will we find out who Annie hit with her car? Who was in the car that showed up as she sped away? How will they describe Ethan’s exit from the show? And who is this new guy Teddy  with the big meaty hands?


9pm: CW-Melrose Place-NEW SHOW- Just like its lead in show 90210, Melrose is another re-make of a 90’s classic Aaron Spelling show. It does have some familiar faces from the original show. Familiar that is if you were around when the original aired. If not, it does have some of Hollywood’s new and upcoming talent, most of whom are not bad to look at. The show deals with the lives and drama of a group of twenty-somethings living in an apartment complex on California’s famous Melrose Blvd. If it’s anything like the original, be prepared to deal with a lot of infidelity, revenge, difficult choices and murder. The latter is to take place in the first episode, where some one is found floating in the pool face down and bloody. I am curious and excited to see if it lives up to the original, all while maintaining its modern time edge and appeal.


10pm: FX-Sons of Anarchy- This season a group of white supremacists arrive in Charming and consequently butt heads with Clay and the MC. I’m looking forward to see the rift between Clay and Jax play out. Who from the MC will align themselves with Jax? Will Opie find out it was Clay and Tig behind the brutal murder of his wife Donna? Will we continue to find out any more info on Jax’s dad and how he died? This is one of the best original shows on cable today. Season two will surely live up to the grittiness and realism of the first season.




8pm: CW-America’s Next Top Model- This is the thirteenth season of the hit Tyra Banks reality show. This season (or “cycle” as Tyra would say) is a little different than past cycles. This time they will have models that are 5’7” tall and shorter, who will try to mimic the success of shorter models like Kate Moss. The season takes place in Los Angeles. The season premiere will be a 2 hours and all the models will get makeovers.


9pm: FOX-Glee-New Show- If the preview of this show back in May was any indication, this show will be a hit. It has witty humor and a great storyline, pair that up with musical numbers of hit songs and you have an extremely entertaining hour of television. You can get a sneak preview of the Glee Club performing its version of “Gold Digger” for free on iTunes. You can also catch the pilot episode for free on Hulu.com. Trust me it is worth watching, if only to see someone get a colorful slushie thrown in their face. CLASSIC!! LoL!! 




8pm: CW-The Vampire Diaries-NEW SHOW- Based on the best-selling books by L.J. Smith. The show doesn’t exactly follow the same storyline(s) as the book but what show or movie ever really does? The show is about Elena Gilbert a popular girl in school who suffered the tragic loss of her parents and now must struggle to keep how she truly feels inside all while keeping a smile on her face around her friends, until the new kid in school Stefan Salvatore peaks her interest. She soon finds they have a lot in common. Stefan is the vampire that the show centers around. It shows how he must struggle with his hunger/taste for blood and with his love for Elena. All is calm until there are mysterious attacks which Stefan finds eerily familiar. He soon realizes that his brother Daemon is in town and Daemon quickly realizes Stefan’s interest in Elena. From there on the battle for her and her soul begins. I am currently reading the first book in the series and it is good, so if that’s any clue to how the shows outline will be, I AM SO THERE!


9pm: CW-Supernatural- Season Five will most likely start where season four left off, with Lucifer being set free from hell and Sam and Dean are watching it happen. They then join forces with Bobby to deal with the aftermath of Lucifer’s rising. This season will also explore what Sam would be like if he was completely evil (episode 4) and will show how Dean tries to stay alive when every demon is gunning for him, seeming as he is the Angel’s Chosen One, the one who will end the demon party on earth and send Lucifer back. The Winchester Boys will spend most of the season trying to figure out how to get Lucifer, played by Mark Pellegrino (LOST’s Jacob), back to hell and how to deal with the consequence of their actions (Sam being responsible for freeing Lucifer) and dealing with what it will take to do what is expected of them (Dean’s responsibility of sending Lucifer back). I’m sure there will be messages sent from Chuck the Prophet and the boys will find some allies in some unlikely places. It is sure to be an interesting journey.

That’s all for this week. Stay tuned for Week #2. Happy TvNeRdin’!!

By. TvN3rD

September 9, 2009NewsComments