Famed artists pay tribute to Eazy-E

December 19, 2012NewsComments408 Views
Famed artists pay tribute to Eazy-E

Eazy-E was one of the original gangster rappers to hit the mainstream level as a solo artist and with N.W.A., his popular group. The Compton, California, native rose to fame alongside Dr. Dre and Ice Cube and continued to make music until his tragic AIDS-related death in 1996.

Even though his life was cut short at age 31, Eazy-E's legacy continues to live on. Hypebeast Magazine reports street artist Shepard Fairey and famed photographer Mike Miller recently came together to pay tribute to the legendary rapper. The duo collaborated on a new print titled "Compton's Most Wanted."

The limited edition print is based off of an original photograph Miller took of Eazy-E back in the early '90s. The print features a young, healthy Eazy-E looking off to the side with an American flag swaying in the background, Complex reports. The black, white and gray image is something fans of the late rapper may want to get their hands on. 

Miller and Fairey spoke about the importance of the American flag in the background, stating it symbolizes freedom of speech and how it allowed Eazy-E to speak his mind to an entire generation.

Would you buy the print? Are you a fan of Eazy-E or N.W.A.?

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December 19, 2012NewsComments408 Views