Fear Pack: Dressed To Kill

August 23, 2013Comments7651 Views

by Ashli Prescott

The sleek Jordan Fear Pack has been much anticipated and the nightmare of waiting is finally over. Originally a trio of the Retro 3, 4, & 5's, JimmyJazz.com will be exclusively dropping the 3's and 4's only, this weekend. The cool grey 3's and Oreo-speckled black 4's are hot choices for back to school or just going out and looking fly. Many believe that the "fear" concept behind these limited releases comes from the way Michael Jordan shredded (and terrorized) his opponents on the court. It has come to light that the term "fear" when talking about these kicks comes from a much more enlightened place.

According to Sneakernews.com, Michael explains how the fear within himself to stay motivated and surpass his own greatness brought him to his knees before each game. He concluded his speech in the 2008 "Be A Legend" campaign with the words, "I have something more important than courage. I have patience. I will become what I know I am."  The Jordan Brand kept tradition inspiring others with this Icon's intimate words by printing "Look me in the eyes" on the insoles of the fear pack sneakers.

How do these colorways represent fear? The intimidating shades represent the cycle of fright. If you look at the Retro 4, you can see ominous midnight black hues on the upper, fading to grey and turning white at the air bubble sole. The white represents loss of color in the face when a person is scared. The Retro 3 has a similar look, and its orange accents represent the fire burning inside to overcome obstacles.

Both will be available on Jimmyjazz.com and in Jimmy Jazz Stores for a not-so-horrifying price of $175 each. Grade sizes will also be available for $125 each.

Face your fear and stomp out the competition by copping these hardcore kicks this August 24th!



Jordan Retro 3 "Fear" / 626967-040 / Grey / $175

Jordan Retro 4 "Fear" / 626969-030 / Black / $175







August 23, 2013Comments7651 Views