Fefe Dobson Finds Strength in Mariah Carey

April 12, 2010Comments

By Souleo. Fefe Dobson is known for being a bold, loud and outspoken rocker but when it came to the challenges of being biracial she found strength in none other than: Mariah Carey.

"We are both biracial and we talked about that in some way or another.  My mom's White and my dad is Black.  My mom was in my life and my dad wasn't.  So I kind of didn't know that side and now I know it and embrace it.  Mariah helped because she was supportive and giving me sweet words.  I love her because she's been through so much and has kept going."


Good for you, Fefe!  We should all embrace every facet of who we are!


Fefe's love for Mariah runs so deep that she listens to the diva whenever she is down.


"I have to say when I'm sad I listen to every single Mariah Carey record.  I have her whole catalog in my collection."


Are you thinking what I'm thinking?  How cool would it be to have Fefe cover a Mariah song?  I suggest she deliver a rock take on "All I Want for Christmas Is You."  We'll have to wait for her next release after, Joy in order to be blessed with such a cover.


Make it happen, Fefe.


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April 12, 2010Comments