Female rappers: changing the style of hip hop

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Female rappers: changing the style of hip hop

When you think of female rappers, a few names come to mind including Eve, Lil' Kim and Trina. Although these women are fierce and a force to reckon with, they also enjoy showing off their sexy side. BET recently broke down the top female rappers in the game who not only have the skills, but the looks as well.


When Eve first entered the rap scene, she kept her look tough and edgy, rocking hip hop clothes, a short cropped hairstyle and she always had a slew of Ruff Ryders around her. However, overtime, both her music and her style has evolved and now she is one of the hottest female rappers in the game. BET reports Eve has broken through her tough girl shell and has come out on the other side looking more graceful and ladylike.


Rapper Trina has never been shy about her sexuality and has used it to garner success from male and female fans alike. However, for her upcoming album, Trina admitted to BET that she wants fans to notice her lyrics more than her sexy urban women's clothes.

"I completely want to transform my everything. I just want a new look from the inside out," Trina told BET. "I'm doing a new album, the sound is different. The sound is more poppy, it's crossover."

To achieve this, the rapper enlisted the help of famed hip hop stylist June Ambrose. The Associated Press reports Ambrose has worked with all the big names in hip hop and R&B from Jamie Foxx and Will Smith to Zoe Saldana, Jay-Z and Alicia Keys.

Azealia Banks

Newcomer Azealia Banks is looking to be a big deal in 2012, according to BET. The "212" rapper has been in the game for quite some time but has reached new success this year in both the rap industry and the fashion world.

Banks recently performed at legendary designer Karl Lagerfeld's house party and also made the rounds during Paris Fashion Week 2012, performing at Kanye West's after party. The rapper has also been featured in popular fashion magazines like GQ and V Magazine.

Banks told V Magazine that her newfound fame hasn't gone to her head and that she is simply focused on making the best music she can.
"I never want to be concerned with popularity," Banks told the publication. "I am more concerned with making consistently good music."

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April 18, 2012NewsComments213 Views