Final Chapter of Danity Kane

April 29, 2009NewsComments

Tension filled the room on MTV’s ‘Making the Band’ Live Finale.  Danity Kane members finally broke silence of the break-up.  Dawn Richard, Sannon Bex, D. Woods and Aubrey O’Day were reunited.  Aundrea Fimbres was a no show. No love was shared between Dawn and Aubrey when asked about the group’s mishap.    

Day26 gave their not so best performance but not their worst.  Room for improve is much needed.  There slow jam “Perfectly Blind,” however, is worth the download.  I believe Donnie Kang performed, but who really noticed.  Donnie may need to ‘pick of the pieces’ to get the spotlight.  I’m still wondering why Diddy chose to make him solo. It’s no surprise that Diddy promotes his twitter iamdiddy and T-shirts.  Aubrey confirms reality show.  Perhaps Donnie needs one, but then again, who would watch it.       

By. Jonathan White

April 29, 2009NewsComments