Floyd Mayweather Jr. opens up

May 10, 2012KicksComments424 Views
Floyd Mayweather Jr. opens up

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is best known for beating people up inside the boxing ring, but the seven-time world champ recently announced a few new endeavors. BET reports Mayweather is set to launch a new magazine, MYMAG and is running a shoe design contest to spread the word.

According to the source, the boxer has asked artistic people around the nation to "submit their most creative pattern or color scheme design." The winner will receive $3,000, as well as a pair of their designed shoes signed by Mayweather. Designs will be accepted through May 21.

TalentHouse.com reports in addition to winning a pair of sneakers, the selected designer will also be gifted with a copy of his MYMAG magazine, a lifetime subscription to MYMAG and exposure on Mayweather's social media channels.

The boxer recently sat down with Interview Magazine to discuss boxing, his future aspirations and even his time on "Dancing With The Stars." He hinted that he may want to get into the fashion world, designing hip hop clothes down the line.

"We're working on some fashion things right now. I'm doing some more commercials," Mayweather said during the interview. "We're doing some movies. You know, I'm going to take that risk and take the chance to do anything that's entertaining."

MYMAG magazine will be a 2,500 limited-edition issue release on a first come-first serve basis. The boxer spoke with FightTheHype.com about the magazine, which will give fans an insider's look into all aspects of his personal life - something he has worked hard to keep private for many years.

"He's never opened himself up to his fans like this before, this MYMAG he put together is by far the most insider look his fans will ever get," Magnus Greaves, founder of MYMAG, told the news outlet.

Mayweather himself also spoke about the challenges he faced while putting the magazine together.

"I've never edited a magazine before, but why not add it to the mix? It's all a part of the entertainment package and I love doing it," Mayweather told the news source.

Inside the pages, fans will be able to go behind the scenes for fashion shoots he goes on as well as learning personal details about the man behind the facade. Mayweather discusses everything from his favorite films, to his training routines and more, according to the source. 

May 10, 2012KicksComments424 Views