Flud Watches Preview Winter ‘09 Line

December 10, 2009NewsComments135 Views

By Souleo.


(Pictured Above: ROCKSMITH X FLuD Table Turns)


It is time to get grown and sexy according Flud Watches’ CEO, Doug Cohen and brand manager, Mel Peralta.  At an exclusive preview of the company’s 2009 Winter collection for press and stylists, JimmyJazz.com got a sneak peek at the new line and learned from Mel that this collection is all about representing the new level of maturity in the hip-hop world.

“I think it’s cool to be an older in style dude.  Rappers like Ghostface Killah or Jay-Z are still dope and relevant and selling records.  So we do have youth inspired pieces but this new collection gives the teenage guys and the kids just out of college with that first real gig something that fits their career and lifestyle change.  They are wearing more buttoned up shirts and cardigans.  It isn’t just about the baggy jeans and t-shirts and this new line reflects that transition,” Mel said.

The “grown and sexy” look is already receiving rave reviews from those within hip-hop such as rising lyricist and producer, David E. Beats.

“I like the hip-hop influence and the fact that it goes with any outfit, even the higher end ones.  They look understated which is the look I like to go for,” he said.

To attain this new look the collection is all about mixed materials and reinterpreting pieces with leather, silicone and stainless steel mesh bands to add versatility and flavor to each new design.  A few of the featured highlights include tricolored movements and the instantly popular, THN watch which features no hands.

Mel also revealed that beginning in March there will be one major featured collaborator per month for all of 2010.  Could JimmyJazz.com be one of them?!  Time will tell (no pun intended).


You can check out a few previews from the line below.








December 10, 2009NewsComments135 Views