Freeway and Girl Talk team up

October 16, 2013Comments
Freeway and Girl Talk team up

If there's one thing Gregg Gillis, a.k.a. Girl Talk, knows how to do, it's mashing up hip hop songs in a way that blows your mind. Until now, however, he hasn't attempted completely original songs.

Recently, the artist collaborated with Freeway to break new boundaries on an EP called "Broken Ankles." According to MTV News, Gillis has been a longtime fan of the Philadelphia rapper.

After approaching Free with the idea to join forces, the duo began recording nearly 70 beats for their album. While bouncing ideas off one another on the phone, over email and in the studio, the two have formed more than a musical partnership - they've become friends.

"Yeah, we're the Pennsylvania Dream Team," Gillis told MTV. "We hang out together in the studio, shared meals ... And we talk on the phone every single day. Our relationship is pretty cool; we're actually going to go out tonight."

Look out for their EP later this fall on Datpiff.com.

So do you think Girl Talk is capable of more than remixing?

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October 16, 2013Comments