Freshen up your face with fruits

June 19, 2012Comments
Freshen up your face with fruits

Fashionistas and divas across the nation understand there's more to looking good than just rocking the latest and hottest hip hop clothes. Keeping your skin glowing and your body on point are also important steps in looking your best this summer. Ebony Magazine recently broke down some easy ways to help your skin look radiant, and it starts with eating certain fruits.

Different fruits boast certain health benefits and the ones you're going to learn about all work to enhance your complexion. What lady doesn't want that?


Watermelon is a favorite summertime fruit among many and aside from being delicious, this juicy fruit also works wonders on your face. This type of fruit is full of water, so it naturally hydrates your skin, making it look fabulous. Go one step further by creating a refreshing toner out of some leftovers.

To achieve this, blend one cup of seedless watermelon chunks and then strain the liquid into a bowl. Next, add two tablespoons of organic witch hazel and voila! you have a great product for clearing up oily summertime skin.


Berries are great for a number of different reasons - not only are they delicious and refreshing, but they are also rich in antioxidants that help promote oxygen in the skin, while keeping free-radicals at bay. Another great use for blueberries - using them to cool a sunburn, bug bites or other skin woes that are common in summer.

Ebony reports blueberries naturally calm the skin, making it great for helping to heal sunburns and more. To get the most out of your blueberries, try creating a cooling mask by mashing up some up and mixing them in with plain Greek yogurt. Then apply the concoction directly on the burnt or itchy area for instant relief.


This super-fruit is something to write home about, as it contains vitamin C and B5 as well as helps control oil production. The latter is a must have during the summer months when oil slicks can occur at any moment.

To gain the full benefits of this fruit, try drinking a tall glass of just pomegranate juice after a long day at the beach. The fruit is also great for helping to balance your hormones, so it may be beneficial to stock up on it once a month to reduce your pre-menstrual moodiness, the source reports.

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June 19, 2012Comments