Fuel the flames: Air DT Max '96

September 27, 2013KicksComments453 Views
Fuel the flames: Air DT Max '96

Do you feel that?

It's the return of NFL season: the heat of fans huddled around a glowing TV screen, a crowd roaring and the feeling of victory. There's nothing like Sunday Night Football, but what are you going to do when there isn't a game?

Just in time, Nike has resurrected the Air DT Max '96, a classic football trainer, in varsity red so you can keep the fire alive in​ between. These sneakers have a 49ers-esque colorway and were a favorite of Cowboys player Deion Sanders, but you don't need to be a fan of either team to wear them. Just log on to JimmyJazz.com or hit up a store Sep. 28 for your own pair.

White hot flames flicker from the sole into a red nubuck base, while black accents tag the signature swoosh. The trusty mid-foot strap locks it all down so your feet stay guarded, ready for the next play. 

So who do you want to see make a touchdown while you'r​e sporting these kicks?

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September 27, 2013KicksComments453 Views