The Game Talks "Documentary 2" Release

June 17, 2014NewsComments173 Views

In an interview with LA radio station Power 106's Justin Credible, Rapper The Game revealed the release date and his plans to collaborate with a few big name producers on his upcoming The Documentary 2 album.

“I’m going back to the Just Blazes, the Scott Storches and the Dr. Dres,” he stated. “We gon’ get it handled.”  Both Dr. Dre and Just Blaze contributed tracks to the Documentary, released back in 2005. In addition to talking about the producers who will lay down tracks to the followup to his critically acclaimed G-Unit debut, The Game also said that the album drop in January 2015.

If all goes as planned, the Compton rapper will have a busy fourth quarter. In addition to finishing up The Documentary 2, he's got another project on the schedule. In September, he will release an album for eOne titled Blood Money La Familia.

--Kim Osorio


June 17, 2014NewsComments173 Views