Get Yo’ Hair Right: Tips from Dariel Pulliam

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By Souleo. There is nothing worse than rocking the wrong hairstyle with an otherwise excellent fashion look.  You don't want to wear a bun with a chic rocker look or a large afro with a corporate look.  To help get your mane on point JimmyJazz.com teamed up with Dariel Pulliam, one of the most sought after beauty experts in the entertainment industry.  He has appeared on BET's reality show "Keyshia Cole's The Way It Is,"  "The Frankie & Neffe Show", and is the creative hands behind the tresses of Tameka "Tiny" Cottle and Antonia "Toya" Carter, Tiffany Evans, Tweet, Nivea and more.


Read on to get yo' hair right for any fashion look.


The Sophisticated Look:

Keep it classy!  You can never go wrong with a really neat bun, a part in the middle straight or to the back or curls.  Any of those three are definitely a go for sophisticated attire.


The Hood Fab Look:

Only if you must!  I really would stay away from this look.  Someone asked me the other day if micromini braids are in and I told her they were played out before they came out!  I want girls to be classy.  You don't see women on TV with braids looking fabulous.  If you must rock this look then attach a long ponytail and become hood fab in one second.


The Girly-Girl Look:

Sometimes you have to suffer for good hair!  During the summer a lot of women don't want to wear their hair out 'cause it's hot.  You have to ask yourself, do you want to look good or worry about sweating?  All you have to do is not move too much and just be cute.  So I recommend a sew-in for a nice chic ponytail, drop curls, or long hair with a part in the middle.  If you do want a short hairstyle then you can also get hair weaves and cut it into a short hairstyle.


The Tomboy Look:

You're still a girl!  For this look you can soften it by wearing a long extension in the summer to go with cornrows.  You can rock that look Ciara did with her cornrows.


The Rocker Look:

Take it to the edge!  A lot of girls are doing this look now and to go with it Mohawks, shaved side and backs and tails all add just the right edge.  It's an easy look to manage but you do have to get your hair done every week with short hair.


The Conservative Look:

Keep it simple!  I would wear natural Indian hair in a neat ponytail, bun or straight because it's easier to maintain with a corporate lifestyle.  Women go to the gym after work or in the morning and if the hair is already curled it's less work and easy to straighten.


The Boho Look:

Get low!  This is a really low maintenance look so you don't need to do too much at all.  You can just sleep with it up at night, play with it in the morning or crimp some pieces and step out.



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March 24, 2010NewsComments284 Views