Hamilton Park: Dressing under the Influence

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You need more than smooth vocals, sensual ballads and lots of "ooh baby" lyrics to make for a successful R&B male group. You've gotta have a look that members can call their own. Anthony, Mr. Marcus Lee, Chris Voice and Royce P are the latest R&B group to step front and center and like others before them they draw on their backgrounds to influence their gear choices. The Atlanta group combines the masculinity of their basketball experiences and the sophisticated taste they developed singing in the church with the cool laid back charm of Atlanta's downtown scene. Not only that but they also aim to evoke the style and swagger of their musical influences. JimmyJazz.com caught up with them to get their top looks from three of their all-time favorite R&B groups.

Photo Credit Clay Patrick McBride


Jagged Edge:

"You get their southern flavor and style from this look. The southern flavor is urban; it's loose and big Levis and Adidas jackets."

-Mr. Marcus Lee



"It's cool and street and down-to-earth. It's energetic and youthful and that's the look we try to go for too."




"This is the raw and rugged look. They got tattoos showing and are real street. Our style is a mix between Jodeci and 112."

-Chris Voice


Check out their song, "Computer Love," here:

March 16, 2011NewsComments107 Views