Harlem Arts Alliance Presents: On the “A” w/Souleo

December 2, 2011Comments

By Souleo/Souleo Enterprises, LLC, Media Content Producer


I've always prided myself on my multitasking skills. I can simultaneously hold a conversation on my iPhone; text a friend; in between that scan news stories on my laptop; and boil a pot of rice. Oh wait, somehow the rice always ends up burnt. So I'm not that great at doing multiple things at one time after all. After catching the D train on 125th St. I needed to transfer to the A at the 59th St. & Columbus Avenue station. While there I did encounter one talented musician that is adept at multitasking being that he can blow two horns at once. Quickly I snapped this photo of him before the thundering A train roared into the station to whisk me away downtown to catch the one woman show, "Monette: I Love My Life."


I arrived exactly 7 minutes late since I always get lost where the streets have no numbers. I was even more embarrassed to be seated front row and center, making my late entry all the more obvious to the show's star, Jasmine Eileen Coles. Fortunately, she paid me no mind as she continued her captivating performance. I was immediately pulled into this powerful play about a young woman's journey of self-discovery and learning to love herself despite relationship, career and familial challenges. By the end of the show you'll ponder your own state of being and pursuit of happiness. The playwright and real-life subject, Kymberle Joseph told me that she has since found fulfillment behind-the-scenes and is putting to sleep her dream of acting. "I am giving up the acting thing. The beauty of life is you figure out what you can do and what you can't do. I recognize what I am good at is writing," she said.


From one writer to several others I caught the premiere of "Page to Stage," presented by Marva Allen, CEO of Hue-Man Bookstore and Touch One Events. The production, held at Symphony Space, was marketed as "groundbreaking" and a "concert of words," with noted authors (Melvin Van Peebles, Victoria Rowell, Deborah Gregory) bringing their books to life in a theatrical format. With this great concept "Page to Stage," has the potential to not only redefine what it means to hold a reading, but even more importantly, promote literacy in our communities of color. However, the direction provided by, Ozzie Jones needs some tweaking. I expected more creative visuals, sound effects and props to fully enhance the words. My point was well received by Allen. "Visually we have a long way to go. This was a pilot program on a shoestring budget," she admitted. It's rare that you get such honesty and humility from someone as accomplished as Allen. That's why myself and so many others respect her. Plus, she has some of the best platinum hair since Bea Arthur.


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December 2, 2011Comments