Harlem Arts Alliance Presents: On the “A” w/Souleo

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By Souleo/Souleo Enterprises, LLC, Media Content Producer



In some cases inspiration is a fluid, intangible and mysterious force. In other cases, inspiration comes ambling down the 125th St. strip in Harlem sporting extravagant silver jewelry, two sets of headphones and what appears to be sprayed on electric blue hair. The latter occurred when the eye-catching appearance of a fellow named, O.G. sparked me to take his photo outside of the Apollo Theater's "Coca-Cola Holiday Caravan." As he tells it, "I have the blue hair because my sign is Aquarius and the water is blue. I am retired now at 65 and I'm upgrading myself." You have to respect a man who is all about reinvention, no matter how, err questionable his style choices may be. What wasn't questionable was the fact that those in attendance were having a joyful time with an afternoon full of lively interaction and a night of performances for a special edition of Amateur Night, "Apollo Stars of Tomorrow.


From there I headed to the always hip and inviting Harlem Stage Gatehouse for Imani Uzuri's "MOSAIC Sacred Music Extravaganza." The evening's promotional copy read, "MOSAIC is every bit as revolutionary as it is spiritual." Spiritual, yes but revolutionary well, not quite there. Uzuri's material and arrangements do not offer enough variation to live up to the potential of her dexterous vocal instrument. I so badly wanted to get sent to that place of nirvana but I had to settle for limbo.


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December 16, 2011Comments109 Views