Hip hop pays respects to Nelson Mandela

December 10, 2013Comments163 Views
Hip hop pays respects to Nelson Mandela

People across the world mourned the recent death of Nelson Mandela, but the hip hop community was hit particularly hard.

Various artists had different ways of expressing their respect for Mandela. Wyclef Jean harnessed the power of music to convey his feelings, writing a song in his honor and videotaping himself performing it. 

Meanwhile, Jay Z took a few minutes during his L.A. concert to talk to the Staples Center audience about Mandela's legacy and even dedicated a rendition of "Forever Young" to him.

Game, who is famous for getting tattoos inspired by his heroes, including Dr. Dre and Barack Obama, wanted a permanent reminder of the national icon. He revealed fresh ink on his Instagram this week: An impressive detailed depiction of Mandela's face looking out from behind prison bars. The caption featured a bevy of hashtags: "#RIP #Legend #Leader#Freedom #Peace #Equality."

What's your favorite hip hop Mandela tribute?

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December 10, 2013Comments163 Views