Husband and wife team debut latest thriller

July 30, 2012NewsComments
Husband and wife team debut latest thriller

Cash Money Records caters to more than just making hip hop and R&B tracks, as the group also publishes books. BET reports two of Cash Money's most popular authors recently released their newest page turner, "Murderville, The Epidemic." The series is written by husband and wife writers Ashley and JaQuavis Coleman, the duo have put out 31 books, some of which made it on the New York Times bestsellers list.

The couple recently spoke with BET about the most recent book in the series, which touches on a different subject than the usual hip hop clothes, money and power theme.

"We're known for our great tales, but with Murderville we wanted to kick it up a notch so we touched on the diamond crisis in Sierra Leone, drug trafficking, and sex slave trade to talk about something different," JaQuavis told the news outlet. "We wanted to think outside the box while entertaining and enlightening our readers."

The series continues to be a success among the fans, though many are intrigued about the relationship between the authors. Some might assume it would be annoying or even bad to work alongside a spouse, but the pair admits it works for them.

"JaQuavis and I are so much alike we don't really encounter the frustrating times. I feel like that happens when you work with someone you don't know, but our history is so on point that our writing and our efforts flow without conflict," Ashley told the publication. "I know him and he knows me. He's my very best friend so it's so easy for us to collaborate on any project together and be on the same page about it. So I feel we're fortunate in that we get to go to work and love what we do every single day with the person that we're going there with because we have so much love for one another. So we just flow and vibe very well."

The pair first fell in love over their passion for English and writing, so it seems to have really been a match made in heaven. The authors have another big thing to celebrate, as they recently signed the rights to a movie deal for "The Cartel" trilogy. JaQuavis added the series is "like a modern day Godfather and I think people are really going to love it."

AllHipHop.com reports the pair has written more than 17 bestselling novels and ghostwritten 15 more for well-known authors. "The Cartel" series made the New York Times bestseller list.

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July 30, 2012NewsComments