Iman stands up to makeup inequality

June 7, 2012NewsComments
Iman stands up to makeup inequality

Beauty is certainly in the eye of the beholder but if a lady wants to enhance her look, she should be able to, right? Ebony Magazine reports supermodel Iman, who has worked with top designers and has worn the best in hip hop clothes and high fashion, recently voiced her concern over a lack of products on the market for girls of color.

According to the source, Iman spoke up about the lack of beauty products made for black or dark skinned women at the 2012 WWD Beauty CEO Summit. Iman was at the summit on behalf of her company IMAN cosmetics. She expressed her concern in stores like Walgreens and Target being "reluctant" to sell her beauty products in their shops, despite the line having success at outlets like Sephora and JCPenney.

"I have customers from all over the world that look for the products, but I also have customers in the U.S. that can't find the product in a store near them," Iman said during the summit, according to the news outlet.

New York Magazine reports Iman went even further during the summit, claiming stores were willing to purchase her products, but wanted to put them in the back in the "ethnic" section, something Iman did not take lightly.

"It was a no-go. They wanted me to be placed at the back, which they considered, like it is, for the ethnic section, which I was totally against it for no other reason but 'cause also I never considered myself an ethnic brand," she told members at the summit.

Despite the hardships, Iman's cosmetics line, which she started back in 1994, skyrocketed to $25 million in sales in just two years. She has since signed a deal with Procter & Gamble and is still trying to go mainstream with her products, though as she said, it hasn't been an easy journey. For now, the supermodel is focusing her business to the online market, though she said it has stunted the company's growth because women like to see makeup in person before buying.

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June 7, 2012NewsComments