India.Arie dispels skin-lightening rumors

April 2, 2013NewsComments
India.Arie dispels skin-lightening rumors

Soulful crooner India.Arie is known for belting out hits about loving the skin you're in. However, rumors have been swirling lately that a photo taken of her for her latest single, "Cocoa Butter," shows Arie with lighter skin. Fans took to their social media pages to blast the singer for her hypocrisy, BET reports.

Despite trying to keep a cool head, Arie recently fought back against the allegations in a series of tweets posted March 29.

"Personally speaking! I'm happy to say I have NOT BLEACHED my skin LOL! ROTF at the thought," Arie said in one tweet, adding right after, "I wouldn't endanger my health that way 2. i'm so in love with myself I have no DESIRE to BLEACH myself. Lol."

Arie went one step further, declaring the photographer and the "magnificent" lighting used on set are to blame for the appearance of her supposed lighter complexion. 

Despite the controversy, in show business any news can be good news. The recent drama has certainly helped Arie get the word out regarding her new single on her latest album, "Songversation," set to drop June 25.

Do you think India.Arie would bleach her skin? Are you surprised fans thought she would?

April 2, 2013NewsComments