India.Arie gets healthy

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India.Arie gets healthy

India.Arie may not be the average girl from your video, but that doesn't mean she isn't into fitness. The artist is the September cover girl for Yoga Journal magazine and in the spread, she discusses why she loves the activity and when she'll be putting out more feel-good R&B hits.

Arie admits to disappointment after losing out in seven Grammy Award nominations in 2002, and after receiving mediocre success from her 2006 album "Testimony," she decided she needed to take a step back from music in order to regroup.

"I had to leave the road and get myself together," Arie said in the upcoming issue.

During her time of spiritual awakening, Arie turned to yoga to see if it would help relieve some of the anxiety and stress she had been dealing with. She saw immediate results and now makes the act a daily part of her life. Part of doing yoga also made her take a step back and look at how she was living. Through the changes she's also switched up her diet for healthier fare and has grown in terms of her music as well.

"Everything in my music has always been emotionally and spiritually motivated...But after I started doing yoga, the place where I came from changed drastically," Arie told the publication.

Essence Magazine reports the motivation to get healthier may have stemmed from some unflattering press back in 2010. Photos of a larger Arie wearing baggy women's urban clothes surfaced and critics were quick to point out her flaws. Arie said she was a bit embarrassed about the weight gain and has worked since 2010 to get fit.

"It was challenging getting myself into the mind set to lose the weight," Arie told the news outlet. "Once I got there the weight dropped off quickly."

She added she's been learning about what different foods do for the body and is more understanding and in tune with what she needs to feel well and complete.

"Our food choices show up on our body. [We have to] know that are no short cuts to looking and feeling our best," Arie told the news outlet. "I am still learning about this but it shows up on my skin when I am off-balance...and I feel more tired, too."

With body and mind in check, Arie is now ready to get back to making music. She is currently working on her fifth studio album appropriately titled, "Open Door."

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August 9, 2012NewsComments174 Views