The inspiration behind your favorite Nikes

January 10, 2014KicksComments176 Views
The inspiration behind your favorite Nikes

Ever wondered where the Swooshlords get their ideas for your go-to sneakers? Freshness magazine recently delved into the process of creating new colorways for kicks, which involves expertise from Nike Basketball's color design lead Eugene Rogers as well as the brand's graphics expert Erick Goto. The team has more than 200 colors to choose from for each palette, and they draw on the personal backgrounds of star players to inspire their designs.

The Lebron X1
​Originally dropped in August of last year, the Lebron XI has had several colorways that all tell the tales of King James' adventures on the court and across the globe. From a Miami nights-themed edition to the fierce Dunkman version with bold accents of Volt green, every single colorway had the Heat player's persona written all over it. 

The lead colorway for the KD VI fused blue and gold, which Freshness noted are the signature colors at the Seat Pleasant Activity Center in Maryland where Durant himself learned to shoot hoops. Rogers and shoe designer Leo Chang paid a visit to the rec center and were instantly inspired to incorporate KD's roots into the palette for his kicks. Meanwhile, other editions like the KD VI "Door Hoops" draw on his fascination with meteorology.

What was your favorite colorway from 2013?

January 10, 2014KicksComments176 Views