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By Souleo. There are three hip-hoppers bubbling right underneath the surface of the mainstream and determined to breakthrough and those three artists include Panama, David E. Beats and WordSpit.  What connects them is passion and what separates them is their own unique originality and talent.  Panama is perhaps best known as the street kid from HBO's acclaimed series, "The Wire."  Lately he has been setting the internet ablaze with his mixtapes and features on all the major hip-hop sites.  David E. Beats has built buzz through his lively performances and WordSpit has been steadily building devoted followers with the release of his album, The Coolest BBoi Stance and recent McDonald's campaign. hit the scene with all three artists and got the juice on several interesting facts about each hip-hopper including passing on producing for Wale to sacrificing eventuating for family.


What you should know about Panama:

He's an actor at heart:

Acting is still my main passion and the foundation of my career.  It has given me a voice to be heard musically and that has been driving faster for me.

He was acting from experience in HBO's "The Wire" as a street kid:

As an adolescent I was part of multiple childish gangs and was the look out for drug dealers.  My little brother and sisters need stuff for school, the heat was broken and mom was working multiple jobs.  I come from a poverty stricken country and my family wakes up every morning thinking about what to eat for breakfast.  So to get out of that situation I was forced to do certain things.  Now that we are more stable everything is a go.

He does it all for his family:

My father came from nothing and has been through it all.  Now that he slowed down and can't provide for the family-everyone from my great grandmother to my cousin's daughters-I have to pick that up.  I'm the only one in a profession that can land the kind of money that my pops once had.  It keeps me focused, modest and aware of the world.  This is bigger than me.


What you should know about David E. Beats:

He passed on the chance to produce for fellow Washington, D.C. artist Wale:

In 2006 or 2007 my cousin met Wale and he told me he was looking for beats since I was producing for local artists.  Wale was expecting some beats from me and I was like forget it he won't blow up.  I never followed through with it and months later he came out with "Nike Boots," and blew up.  At the time I didn't take myself seriously and I didn't see the bigger picture.

He plays a mean guitar:

I sat down for a full year and practiced between 4 and 6 hours a day and taught myself how to play.  Then I hung out with guitarists which makes you better to observe and absorb their style.  When I play live now I always try something new to see how crazy I can make my sound.

He knows sacrifice:

I dropped out of college and moved to New York City to produce for an artist.  The artist turned out to be a pretender and wasn't who he said he was in the music industry.  So I had to put my money up, get a bull**** job, find my own place and equipment and do so much to get myself together to start being my own artist.  I discovered that I am extremely persistent and passionate.


What you should know about WordSpit:

He waits for no one:

Before I started going to open mic showcases, I would beg my friends to come with me or else I wouldn't take part in the event.  After my close friends repeatedly let me down, I performed at these events by myself.  It made me realize you have to work towards accomplishing your goal and let nothing stop you.

He knows the streets of Brooklyn:

It wasn't my initial gang affiliation that got me in trouble, but my affiliation with others that lead me astray sometimes.  In life, you learn from your mistakes.  It taught how to become an individual instead of following the pack.

He stays motivated thanks to one special memory:

A week before my cousin, Black died, he told me "Spit forget about everybody who doubts you, just do what you do."  That's where I draw some of my motivation from when I'm down.


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March 17, 2010NewsComments162 Views