Introducing: Actress Julia Pace Mitchell

August 6, 2010NewsComments337 Views

By Souleo. Avid viewers of daytime television's #1 soap opera, "The Young and the Restless" are used to a revolving door of new faces, but one new talent that is kicking down that door and making a grand entrance is newcomer, Julia Pace MitchellJulia made her debut appearance in July 2010 as, Sofia Dupre, the fiancée of Malcolm Winters (Darius McCrary).


What perhaps surprised viewers the most is that Julia is not your average size 2 and light-skinned actress on a soap.  Julia's curvaceous body and luminous dark skin is a refreshing change to daytime's typical look and something that she believes will broaden the definition of beauty on television.


"I think it's gonna make people more comfortable and aware that there is more than one definition of what beautiful is today.  Most women are size 12 or above and most Blacks have junk in the trunk.  So it's cool to have a character of that dynamic who is also a businesswoman and has a love life," she said.


The character of Sofia is also noteworthy for her drive which is something that Julia shares in common with the role.  It is such drive that she credits with having helped her never conform to Hollywood's beauty standards or give up on her dream.


"I love my character's drive.  I was so determined and never looked back when it came to acting.  I didn't starve myself, get a weave or bleach my skin.  If I listened to everybody who told me I couldn't do this I would have crawled in a hole and died somewhere, but this is my passion."


Julia is no stranger to passionate drama having played the role of Jan; one of Notorious B.I.G.'s multiple girlfriends in the urban biopic, NotoriousJulia promises that there will be just as much if not more drama to look forward to on the show.


"I can't reveal anything but you can expect some arguing here and there and some drama.  That's all I can say."


August 6, 2010NewsComments337 Views