Introducing Alabama Hip-Hop Artist, Lil Haze!

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For years, hip-hop music has been dominated by different regions. When we think of New York, the city is synonymous with a Jay-Z or Nas, Atlanta to T.I., Miami to DJ Khaled, and so forth. But, what about Alabama? Yeah, Rich Boy showed us how to ‘throw some d's', but who got next in the Confederate state (aka the Bama)? Read our interview with up-and-comer, Lil Haze and then head over to our Music Room and listen to his current heater with Ray-J, "Work That Body"


JimmyJazz.com: What's up, Haze? How you doing?

Lil Haze:  I'm fine, bro. How about yourself? 

JimmyJazz.com: Good, thank you. It's good to see someone from Birmingham [Alabama] make noise. We all wish you the best.

Lil Haze: Thank you, Thank you. 

JimmyJazz.com: So, what is it like growing up in the Ham [Alabama]?  What's hip-hop like over there? 

Lil Haze: The music thing is really popping off right now and it's really starting to blaze up. Alabama has been looked over for so long, we've heard the the ATL's and the Memphis's and the New York's... but now Alabama we on the rise and it's really cooking up right now. We have a lot of artists out here doing their thing, besides me. We down here really working hard and trying to be acknowledge right now.


(Below): Lil Haze's video for "Work That Body" featuring Ray J.

JimmyJazz.com: A lot of the regions you just mentioned created their own lifestyle and niche within hip-hop. New York is responsible for Boom Bap, Atlanta is popular for the Crunk movement and Memphis for Gangsta Walking. What kind of influence have these regions have had on the Ham... and in your music? 

Lil Haze: My music is totally different and me (myself aside from the game). I don't use profanity in my lyrics. I really don't make hype music; I try to keep it on a calm level, I try to make music that everybody likes to hear. I'm a versatile cat. There's no particular reason on how I do my music. 

JimmyJazz.com: Who helped you get on the scene? What did you do to elevate your buzz? 

Lil Haze: I've been doing music now for 11 years now. Basically, I started out with my man, Old-timer (he's from Birmingham also); he produces a lot of tracks. Back in 05' we were giving out a lot of bootlegs and cd's and we had ran into a guy, Warren Po, who knew I was passionate about music. He decided to start a record label for us and that's how we got to where we are at now. We real bless to be in this atmosphere we are in right now. 

JimmyJazz.com: Aside Old-Timer, what's your relationship like with the other local artists from Alabama? Such as Rich Boy? 

Lil Haze: The relationships are great! I associate myself with a lot of artist who are doing their thing down here. I run into Rich Boy everywhere I go. Basically everybody down here is trying to come together as whole and just really make this thing pop off. 

JimmyJazz.com: Have you recorded on any tracks with them that we can expect to hear in immediate future? 

Lil Haze: It's in the works to work with Rich Boy. Attitude (who just signed to Warner Bros.) and my boy Jackie Chain in Huntsville [Alabama], I got them on my new mixtape, hosted by DJ Smallz (side note: download Lil Haze's Been Looked Ova mixtape, hosted by DJ Smallz)

JimmyJazz.com: In reference to your new single, "Work That Body", if you had one female to Work That Body, who would it be? 

Lil Haze: AHHHHHH.... (Laughing).  Just 1?

JimmyJazz.com: (Laughing) Just 1. 

Lil Haze: I would have to go with Shawnna (formerly of DTP).... (Laughs).


(Pictured below): Former hip-hop member of DTP (Disturbing Tha Peace), Shawnna. 


JimmyJazz.com: (Laughing) that's a good one. 

Lil Haze: I love her music (Laughing).

JimmyJazz.com: Specking of female artists, are you currently working with any?

Lil Haze: As of right now, not really. But I will have female artist signing hooks on some of my tracks throughout my album. 

JimmyJazz.com: By the way, what's the name of the album? 

Lil Haze: The title of the album is Doin the Most. We are looking to dropping the album this September.

JimmyJazz.com: We saw a photographed of you and Mack 10, are you currently working with him? 

Lil Haze: Mack 10 is great dude; he shows me a lot of support. He's on the remix to "Work That Body" 

JimmyJazz.com: How did you get hooked up with him?

Lil Haze: Our distribution companies hook us up with Mack 10 while I was out in LA. 


(Pictured below): Mack 10 and Lil Haze hanging out on the set of "Work That Body". 


JimmyJazz.com: Will you be doing any tours/ club dates towards the release of Doin the Most

Lil Haze: I'm getting ready to hit the road, but the label is getting that together for me right now. Fans can check out for more details on my MySpace, MySpace.com/LilHaze205 and my website is LilHaze205.com

August 18, 2009NewsComments415 Views