Introducing DJ Tay James: Make it Pop

January 12, 2011NewsComments

By Souleo You might not think that the official DJ for pop sensation, Justin Bieber would have the skills, knowledge and heart to tackle the catalogue of southern rap titan, Bun B. Well don't hold that fact against, DJ Tay James. This is one DJ who has paid his dues entertaining crowds all over the DMV (DC, MD and VA) and has over 75 mixtapes under his belt. DJ Tay James recently teamed up with Jimmy Jazz and Diamond Supply Co. to release the free mixtape, We Know Bun B: The Original OG.

Already the mixtape has received rave reviews Bun B's own stamp of approval with a tweet and a short text stating "good job." Bun B may be a man of few words but those words mean a lot about DJ Tay James' project.


We spoke with DJ Tay James to get the details on his inspiration, the surprising fact he learned about Bun B while working on the project and how he is connecting hip-hop and pop music lovers.


On the need to honor an underrated legend:


When Pimp C went to jail Bun B carried on the legacy until he got out. He started doing solo projects and being on other people's songs. So my thing is that's a legend who made himself popular because he was able to stand on his own two and stay relevant in music. When I had a chance to meet him I knew I had to do something so that listeners know that.


On learning about the other side of Bun B:


I knew he was teaching but not how serious or big it was. He co-teaches hip-hop college classes and they are trickling down to high school and middle school. That sounds crazy and no one would know about that but that's Bun B.


On his mission to bridge the worlds of hip-hop and pop:


I'm trying to combine both genres and make it hot in each other's worlds. I'll take a pop song and put a down south bass line behind it like Katy Perry's acapella of "California Girls," over a Gucci Mane song. I'll even take a Gucci Mane song and put a top 40 fist pumping beat behind it. People like stuff like that and I'm just trying to make it interesting.


Jimmy Jazz And Diamond Supply. Co Present:

We Know Bun B : The Original Og

Mixed By DJ Tay James

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January 12, 2011NewsComments