Introducing: Lee Charm, Music’s Next Tr3ple Threat

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By Souleo. Lee Charm is a rising triple threat who can sing, dance and model.  With his boy next door charisma and tender R&B vocals, New Jersey native, Lee could easily fill in the shoes for Usher, Omarion or ahem, Chris Brown.  Yet, he's not interested in filling anybody's shoes but is instead focused on carving out a lane all his own.


On his quest to takeover the entertainment industry, Lee has shared the stage with artists such as Sean Paul, Ciara, T.I. and more.  Lee's debut EP, Prince Charming is in stores now.


Read on to learn what you should know about Lee:


His parents are ministers:


"In the beginning it was strict 'cause they were young ministers and it was by the rules.  I can remember no commercials or anything that contained 'devil stuff.'  As they got older they realized it's more to Christianity than 'you can't do this or that.'  It made me better and gave me morals."


He's holding firm to his beliefs:


"Even if I wasn't in entertainment and in a regular job there'd be certain things to do to maintain my job that may not be in accordance with my religion.  Yes it's difficult at times 'cause there is so much temptation but I feel like I don't do what I don't want to do.  You can pursue music but just be able to live with yourself at the end of the day."


He paid dues as part of a boy group:


"It was hard to keep a group with two or three personalities and conflicts in the group.  I was always the mediator and great at pulling things together.  There were things in my mind I didn't agree with and sometimes you have to be a peacemaker.  But I'm pretty much done with groups now."


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April 20, 2010NewsComments