Introducing: Nicoye Banks

April 14, 2010NewsComments

By Souleo. While some actors are still waiting for their big break rising New Orleans actor, Nicoye Banks has recently had two back-to-back breaks after starring in this year's hit films "Brooklyn's Finest," and "Green Zone."  You can own it up to luck, the right industry connections or heart.  For Nicoye it's all heart.


"I'm more heart than anything else, even more than talent.  Once I stepped out of New Orleans and got to New York I knew there was no going back.  My heart has gotten me where I am and that's what I believe in and trust," he said.


Nicoye credits being raised by all women: his great grandmother, grandmother, mother and aunt as giving him the strength to pursue his dreams.


"I was raised by all women who loved with heart, passionately and with compassion and empathy.  So I understand what it meant to put the heart on the line and know that whatever happens it's okay, 'cause you gave it your best," he reflected.


In addition to giving it his best, Nicoye is also giving it back.  When he's not busy with movies, television, stage plays and family, Nicoye devotes his time to empowering young people through the arts as seen through his involvement in the artist collective group called "The Standard", and his workshop "The Art of the Craft."


Look out for Nicoye next on NBC's "Law & Order: Criminal Intent," in May and in the indie film, "Spare Change," due out later this year.  The latter could prove to be his biggest break of all proving that a little bit of heart can go a long way.



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April 14, 2010NewsComments