Introducing Phreshy Duzit: Oh So, Phresh

January 5, 2011Comments226 Views

By Souleo You've got to be "fresh" to make an impact on the music scene and it doesn't hurt when that slang is built into your name as is the case with Detroit native, Phreshy Duzit. The 21-year old rapper/singer/songwriter is ready to kick off the New Year with a bang as he releases his EP, HateLove on January 25th.

Photo Credit: Noa Griffel

JimmyJazz.com was recently introduced to one of the first new talents of 2011 and talked how a heartbreak inspired his EP, why he believes women are stronger than men with breakups, what inspired him to find a better way of life and more.


On how heartbreak inspired his EP:


It's from heartbreak and the aftermath of how I dealt with it. It was a relationship that started before the career came in to place. At that point it's real 'cause the woman I was with didn't gravitate to the fact that I had a career. Soon as I got a career stuff started shifting. Now I got to travel a lot and go to parties and there are women everywhere. Insecurities caused this breakup cause of the career.


On being jaded about love:


It's like I gave up on love and it's a waste of time. I'm more concerned with money now. It gave me a jaded perspective on love and so it's really just caused confusion. I was getting over that heartbreak by going to the club, meeting new women and hanging out with friends.


On why women are stronger than men when it comes to love pains:


I feel like women are the stronger ones after a breakup. They become more independent and don't try to bury it. With my male friends after their breakup they say screw it I'd rather chase money I was spending too much in relationships so now I can stack money up. I think men in general aren't as emotional as women.


On how the challenges of Detroit motivated him to succeed:


There were people I went to school with getting shot over expensive glasses or Jordan's. I saw 15 and 16-year olds die in the clubs because of altercations. The economy there is real bad and people are trying to find hustles to make money. That was something I had to avoid in order to pursue music or I could have been part of that corruption. So it was inspiration to get out.


Check out his single, "Patty Cake," and let us know if you are feeling the up-tempo tune:

January 5, 2011Comments226 Views