Introducing SoleFresh: Boys Just Want to Have Fun

May 18, 2010NewsComments

By Souleo. Who says you can't have fun in hip-hop?  Certainly, not the New Orleans hip-hop duo, SoleFresh.  The wit, flow and punk hipster style of Nardo (Leonardo Jonze) and Knoxx (Knoxx St. Peter) adds just the right element of distinctness to make them stand out among the hip-hop pack clamoring for a chance at the big time.  Not only that but they also have the help of super producer, Mannie Fresh who has signed them to his label, Chubby Boy Music.  The two high school friends are currently working on their forthcoming album entitled, Peace, Love & Overweight Babies.


JimmyJazz cracked it with them as they talked what it's like hanging out with Mannie, how the party scene of New Orleans influenced their music, bringing fun back to hip-hop and more.



On experiencing the good life with Mannie Fresh:


Leonardo: One night when we recorded our album Mannie said he'd take us out to dinner.  I thought we were going to a nice steakhouse.  Instead we went to a party at Lil' Flip's house.  There was an open bar, pool and girls all around.  We were these two white kids pulling up in a Phantom and it was funny.  Hopefully there's more of that to come.


On how New Orleans influenced their music:


Knoxx: New Orleans has a personality and that influences our music.  You won't hear jazz or trumpets and trombones but the personality is there.


Leonardo: Our music is free and fun loving and that describes New Orleans culture.  We don't need a reason to party.  It's a fun city so that carefree vibe comes across in our music.


On bringing laughs back to hip-hop:


Knoxx: We are about bringing fun back to hip-hop these days.  You watch local news and get depressed for a week.  There are stories of somebody raping someone.  Our music is a release and somewhere you can go for a few minutes and have fun.


On their relationship dynamic:


Knoxx: What keeps us going is that we have a similar mentality.  We both like to have fun and are against raping people and that's what keeps the group going. [Laughs]


Leonardo: We were friends before business.  So we are boys before anything.  If you go into business you got to do it with friends.


On getting conscious:


Leonardo: Our music will become more socially conscious and state our beliefs a little more as we continue.  It's profound to see the effect music can have on people.  So if we can do that we want to do it with positive stuff.  We are accepting of everyone and believe that stereotypes are not cool so that's part of our message.


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May 18, 2010NewsComments