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Not too long ago we featured, Flo The SODA Can Man and his new song with fellow emerging artist, SOS-MAN, "D.T.F." from their collaboration album, SOS & Soda. Well, it's time to get to know SOS-MAN and his own journey from getting into trouble in the streets to getting condoms thrown in his face. Uhm, yeah you read that last line correctly. Get the story after the dive.



On getting into and out of trouble:

My parents taught me all the right things to do but sometimes I just did what I wanted to do. West Philadelphia has a long history of drugs and violence. At the same time I was listening to too much Tupac, so that was all a recipe for disaster.

I finally left the drama behind when I almost died and my best friend was arrested for murder. I could not keep going on the way I had been or else I would not have made it. I always could rap but I just never took it seriously.


On his musical influences:

Most of my influence comes from my parents, my partner Soda and the Philly international Sound. With my music I just want people to have fun and do what they want to do. All dreams are attainable. You don't have to be what every one expects you to be. Get to know yourself and find out what you really want out of life.


On his wild live shows:

All in one night I wore a sombrero onstage, drank a fifth of Cuervo and got hit in the face with a condom. There is a part of our show where I ask the crowd for a condom. Somebody threw one and it was a wild throw, which hit me in the face.


SOS-MAN: @Sosman46

Facebook: GetitinSosman


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October 11, 2011NewsComments151 Views