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By Souleo. When someone labels themselves, "Mr. Everything," you expect well, uhm everything.  For rising R&B singer-songwriter, Vaughn Anthony living up to that title is not so hard since he provides listeners with sex appeal, heartfelt vocals and an honest look at relationships from a male perspective.  It also doesn't hurt that he's superstar, John Legend's younger brother and John's second signing to his HomeSchool Records imprint.  After opening up for John and fellow soul star, India.Arie, Vaughn has released his EP entitled The Future, which is now available on iTunes and Amazon.  He spoke to JimmyJazz.com about his former cheating ways, the sadness that drove him to weigh 220 lbs., what he's learned the most from John and more.



He's not afraid to share his flaws with listeners:


My most personal song is "In Your Shoes," because I've been through it.  I was a player and messed with different women while I had a girlfriend.  Men get tired of things real quick and want new things and that's what men do.  I'm a man but I've changed a lot.  I don't pass out my numbers all the time.  If it's not business I don't give out my number or get in conversations that are not about what I am pushing towards.  So I felt sorry for doing that to my mate which is how I came up with the song.


He overcame depression and being overweight:


At one point I weighed 220 lbs.  I was lost when I was at that weight because I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life.  I was working in a factory and I wasn't happy.  Once I found out what I wanted to do which was singing I got motivated and focused.  I got a trainer and did what I was supposed to do for my profession.  I feel sexy now and a lot more confident.


He's sexy but not all about the sex appeal:


To a degree I feel a pressure to keep it sexy.  Sex appeal is something you have to have nowadays.  But I think music conquers everything.  No matter what you look like with good music you can win.  I do music for the people to make the best music I can make.


He's inspired by his brother, John Legend's professionalism:


He doesn't say too much but watching him taught me a lot.  I've watched how he conducts himself and treats the game as a business.  He's one of the hardest working guys in the business.  When I first started my songwriting was okay but he pushed me.  I took some of what he had and added it to myself.  That's the biggest thing I took from him.


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July 22, 2010NewsComments