Introducing: Wynter Gordon, Pop’s Next Dirty Star

October 5, 2010Comments139 Views

By Souleo w/assistance from Melissa Santaella. Keri Hilson. The Dream. Sean Garrett. The list is long with behind-the-scenes hitmakers turned solo artists and now you can add to that list, Wynter Gordon. After writing songs for artists such as Mary J. Bilge and Jennifer Lopez and a guest feature on Flo Rida's hit, "Sugar," Wynter is ready to prove that she is hot as ice. She's already secured a dance floor hit with "Dirty Talk," as she puts the finishing touches on her forthcoming debut album. JimmyJazz.com got down and dirty with the rising star as she talked what it takes to show her naughty side, dating older men, and learning that patience is the key to success.


She's not afraid to get dirty behind closed doors:


If I had a boo and we were really close and he put a ring on it, then yes I would talk very dirty. It would be my only job. I'm like a feline but the only one person who gets to see that is when they put a ring on it.

Her lyrics often come from her challenging life experiences:

Not having a dad around put me in a situation where I was dating older dudes at a really young age and that taught me a lot of lessons. It gave me a lot of songs and a lot of things to write about because I made my mistakes early on. Plus my family didn't have a lot of money and things like that. So it let me use my imagination more. That made me the crazy weird person I am today.


She's been around the world:


I've traveled around the world since I got signed and met a lot of new people. I've been to Egypt, Israel, London, Sweden, Beirut and Lebanon. The guys are really handsome in Lebanon but my favorite one had to be Beirut. It's like Miami but every single guy is hot.


She's learned to wait her turn:


It can be frustrating when you know that you're talented, you're working all day and writing songs. It's like you want somebody to pay attention and it can take a long time. Then you see other people coming out before you and it's really frustrating. But if you're resilient as I am you get through it.


Check out Wynter's hit single, "Dirty Talk," here:


October 5, 2010Comments139 Views