Introducing Yak-Key: Hip-Hop’s Savior

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By Souleo. The worlds of urban, secular and non-secular all converge at a central point: Yah-KeyYah-Key which means "God is the key," is a Chicago hip-hop artist with a twist: he rhymes about the power of God.  No he's not your average Christian rapper spitting rhymes holier than thou.  Yah-Key draws from his own troubled past, his awakening and hip swagger to form a brand of inspirational hip-hop that is catching the ears of many.  Yah-Key is bound on making his name in both the non-secular and secular world with the release of his album, Back Home.


Read on to learn more about Yah-Key.


On his mission:


I wasn't born or raised in the church.  My foundation didn't come along until I was about 24 years old.  Before then I was reckless and chasing after money in the wrong ways.

So I call my music "Hip-hop with a purpose."  There are a lot of people in the world now who are angry, hurt and got a thirst that needs to be quenched.  There is a lack of love in the community and a lack of respect for people.  So I'm trying to inspire the young people not to have an identity crisis with themselves and to know who they are inside.


On denouncing hip-hop stereotypes in the church:


With the church it was an uphill battle because some of them buy into the negative image of hip-hop in the media about degrading women and flashy jewelry.  So I had to work hard to get certain churches to dig deeper and see what's behind the surface.


On being different than other Christian rap:


I see some Christian artists that try to be street and it's not about you or how hood you were or still are; it's about people and love.  With the hip-hop community there was never really a battle for me because my music is not your normal Christian rap or holy hip-hop.  I still have those dynamic tracks and swagger that people can relate to.  So I give credit to those that paved the way.  I just know that I have to move strategically and let people know that I'm coming with a divine purpose and a greater before behind me.


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May 11, 2010NewsComments122 Views